Windows 10 Home vs Pro

home vs pro

]Microsoft’s Windows 10 the successor or Windows 8.1 comes in two versions – Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro. They are pretty much the same but, the Pro edition as you can guess from its name offers and has more features. If you are a casual user then Windows 10 Home should suffice all of your needs, if you need more than that, then go with the Pro. Read more to know which option suits you in this comparison of Windows 10 Home vs Pro.

Windows 10 Home is the basic version and it comes with a number of features:

  • One of the things we are excited about is revamped Start Menu. Even though it wasn’t a part of Windows 8, after a lot of demand it is back now.
  • Windows 10 Home vs Windows 10 ProAnother feature you will love is Cortana – your personal digital assistant that can make appointments, set reminders and make sure that your to-do lists are ordered.
  • Besides these, you will also get features like TPM support. TPM Support is a microchip and it offers additional security-related functions.
  • Battery Saver;  If you are not familiar with Battery Saver, you should know that it will make your system more power efficient by limiting the background activity and allowing you to focus on your tasks.
  • Microsoft Edge a completely changed and improved Windows’ browser.
  • Windows Hello – new biometrics security feature.
  •  There is also one feature worth mentioning and it is Snap assist which allows you to have up to 4 apps on one screen and;

The most important thing is of course security, and you should know that your computer and your data will be safer with Windows 10 because it supports automatic updates. That means that if they decide to add some new features or improvements they will be synced into your license.

If this doesn’t sound like something that will meet your standards and if you need more sophisticated protection or maybe business-related apps then you should definitely consider buying Windows 10 Pro edition. Both versions are very similar as we already mentioned.

In addition to everything that we wrote about Windows 10 Home, with Windows 10 Pro you will get some privacy and connectivity tools:

  • Domain Join,
  • BitLocker,
  • EMIE – Enterprise Mode Internet Explorer,
  • Remote Desktop,
  • Client Hyper-V,
  • Direct Access and etc.

For example, with Assigned Access you will be able to lock user accounts and prevent them from accessing specific apps or documents or just limit the activities they can perform.

  • On the other hand with BitLocker will allow you to encrypt your external USB drives because it’s one of the most powerful disk-encryption tools.
  • Other than that you will get access to a Business store for Windows 10 where you can find a variety of apps that could be useful for your enterprise.

The difference is small so it’s up to you which one is the right one. If you need better security or if your work requires you to connect to a Windows domain then you are better off with Pro, otherwise, we believe that Windows 10 Home will suffice your needs. You can buy Windows 10 Home for 18,90€ here and Windows 10 Pro for 23,90€ here.

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