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No matter if you’re just browsing, planning to buy or you already bought a product from us, Turnkey Point Customer Service is always at your disposal. We do our best to keep our customers happy, not just by providing good and affordable products but also with great customer service. Let us tell you a few words about us;



Turnkey Point Customer Service► Our CS Agents are working daily to answer your queries, even during the weekends! If you ask a question on Friday evening, you won’t need to wait for reply until Monday. We also have associate agents from different countries which we engage during big holidays, that way someone will always be there to help you.



Turnkey Point Customer Service

► During our working hours you will get a quick response few minutes for simple questions and up to few hours if we need to do some testings. Only during nighttime you will wait for a while. We do our best to answer every email in less than 12h even with the nighttime included. 



Turnkey Point Customer Service► Over the time, we gathered the most common questions and made canned response collection. Since 80% of problems are repeating ones, we only need to detect the problem and choose the matching canned response. This way you get standardized and accurate reply very quickly and we save some time for us too. We also made a detailed step-by-step installation guide to help you with the installation process if you luck in technical skills. 



Turnkey Point Customer Service We have an IT technician on our team, so whichever problem you might run to we’ll do our best to help you. All you need to do it contact us with a detailed problem description and a screenshot, so we can have a clear view of the issue.  Exchanging few emails might be needed a well, as a well as a little technical engaging on your side. 



Turnkey Point Customer ServiceIn rare occasions where we can’t help you get your software installed, we will refund the product. If you bought a wrong product, replace/refund is possible too. We offer a 2 years guarantee, so if at any moment you need our assistance we will gladly help you.



Feel free to check the reviews of many happy TurnkeyPoint customers on TrustPilot. If you are already one of them, we invite you to share your experience too!  If you feel there is something we could do to improve your experience, don’t hesitate to tell us, we are happy to check all our customers requests to improve our service.

ps: you can also leave your review directly on website or at FaceBook!  

Get in touch with us by filling the form on Contact us page, or drop an email to [email protected] . You can also use Live Chat to get instant support. See you around!


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