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Tips and tricks you will love about Office 2016

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Office 2016

When a casual user thinks about Microsoft Office, they usually think of PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. Well, with Office 2016 you will be amazed how these familiar tools look like now when compared to previous versions.

Besides large improvements, Office 2016 offers tons or tricks and new features which will save you a lot of time and make your work a lot easier to handle.

  • If you are a casual user with Office 2016 you can easily separate important and unimportant mail, plan weekends, weeks, and meetings, connect to social media accounts or communicate with a group of colleagues or friends.
  • If you need Office 2016 for your business, then there are special features, designed just for you for easier communication, collaborations, and creation.

When it comes to e-mails one new and amazing feature is called Clutter. If there is a person in your email list that you don’t want any contact with, just give the instruction and your emails could be sent to clutter instead of even reaching your inbox in the first place. And once a week, clutter will send you a report, just to let you know what was hidden in case you need to read something. Of course, you can change and navigate your clutter easily.

Office 2016
Another cool thing about Office 2016 is that it has a Skype integration, so without using email or sharing documents through cloud, you can also share and edit documents and reach your Skype contacts, within Word or Outlook.

When we write, we can often make a spelling mistake. In Word we can easily check if we spelled everything right, but now, Office 2016 has a new feature called Smart Lookup that can be connected with not only Word but Excel and PowerPoint as well to find relevant info or check our grammar and spelling. If you highlight one phrase and use Smart Lookup you will get a lot of relevant info about pretty much anything.

Another familiar yet improved feature is Wunderlist, which allows you to create a to-do list, plan or organize any activity, as well as track the progress and share it with your family, friends or colleagues.

If you are a student and you are doing a group project, you can easily connect everyone and track how everyone is doing and is someone being late, you can also leave comments and set due dates. So, if micromanagement or productivity is what you need and do, you will love this feature.

If you are familiar with Office enterprise you heard about Planner, well there is a similar feature here as well. Planner basically allows managers to assign projects, track progress, rearrange, and change whatever they want directly from the dashboard by dragging and dropping tasks into columns. And you don’t have to check the dashboard often because every time there is a change, everyone from the dashboard will receive a notification.

If you are not satisfied with a standard Outlook, maybe you will like new calendar app called Sunrise Calendar more. With Sunrise you can connect your calendar with social media accounts or other apps in order to make plans. If some of your friends enter into one event, it will automatically be added into your calendar as well. This feature was actually developed as an iPhone app in 2013, but it was added to the Office 2016 instead.

Now, when it comes to writing in Word it can be boring sometimes too bold, underline, format etc. That’s why Office 2016 offers something called Tell me where you can enter a text command and watch while this app does almost anything you need. There is a rumor that this will be revamped into a voice app, and if it happens it saves you even more time.

Another feature is called Office Lens and it is similar to Adobe. This feature allows you to take a camera phone image of a document and turn it into Office document which can be even further edited. Forget scanning, saving and editing. With Lens, you can just snap it, edit right away and send it.

When it comes to managing a business it’s always stressful to keep track of so much data. So if you are looking for some document or presentation that was made years ago, you can find it easily by going through your company’s Delve repository. You can organize documents in many different categories, search hub to find any relevant content or create a board where colleagues can share their work for more successful brainstorming.

There are many more new or revamped features that Office 2016 offers and that will blow your mind. These are just a few of them. If you like what you see, make sure to buy one for yourself, if not, research about it more and we are sure that you will fall in love with it eventually.

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