Microsoft Office 2024: What You Need to Know

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Introduction to Office 2024

Microsoft is preparing to release previews of Microsoft Office 2024, the latest perpetual license edition of the Office suite. Similar to Office 2021, Office 2024 will be part of Microsoft’s Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC), catering to users who prefer stable and reliable software, according to Microsoft Tech Community Blog

Office Branding Continues

Despite rebranding efforts in other areas, Microsoft retains the “Office” name. This familiar branding remains significant, especially for users distinguishing between standalone Office products and Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

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Shift Towards Microsoft 365 Subscriptions

While Office 2024 remains a one-time purchase option, Microsoft is gradually encouraging users to adopt Microsoft 365 subscriptions. This shift is reflected in a slight price increase for businesses, aimed at fostering innovation within this market niche. However, pricing for the consumer version of Office 2024 will remain similar to Office 2021.

Support and Updates

The latest one-time Office application will launch with five years of support and security updates. Users can expect a new LTSC version of Windows 11 to complement it. Additionally, another standalone Office version is promised for the future. Office 2021 will continue to receive support until October 2026, while support for Office 2019 has ended in October 2023.

Key Features of Office 2024

  • Outlook: New meeting creation options and enhanced search functionalities.
  • Excel: Introduction of Dynamic Charts and Arrays, improved performance, security, and accessibility.
  • Excel 2024 Highlights: Sleeker interface with dark mode, enhanced AI for trend spotting and formula suggestions, improved real-time collaboration, and new templates for various needs.
  • Publisher: Microsoft Publisher will be discontinued by October 2026.

Disconnected Product Nature

The new Office will not include features like the Copilot AI assistant or real-time collaboration found in Microsoft 365 Apps. It operates offline, making it suitable for specialized environments like computer labs or submarines.


Office 2024 offers robust new features and reliable performance for those preferring a one-time purchase model. However, for users seeking cloud-based functionalities and advanced AI features, Microsoft 365 remains the recommended option.

Further Reading

For more detailed insights, visit the Microsoft Tech Community.

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