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Is the Windows 10 Pro Price Worth It? 8 Reasons the Answer Is Yes

windows 10 pro price


Still on the fence about Windows 10? Is the Windows 10 price a disadvantage? How much is windows 10? This is the truth, if you can upgrade to it, you should go for it as its performance is far better than Windows 8 and even Windows 7.

The great improvements for Windows 10 made it the most popular OS in the world. It commands a whopping 39.22% of the global market, and it’s growing from here on out.

Even then, the next upgrade for your Windows 10 is the Pro version. It’s almost 100 dollars more than the Home version.

Is the Windows 10 Pro price worth it? Are the Windows 10 Pro features enough to make it desirable for your needs? Let’s find out.

1. You Get Near Unlimited RAM Capability

You may ask yourself, “Do I need Windows 10 Pro?”. Let’s start with the hardware advantages of using the system. While all Windows 10 versions are 64-bit and thus supports much RAM, the Pro version can do much more.

When it comes to a memory showdown when it comes to Windows 10 vs Windows 10 Pro, Pro is the clear winner. The Windows 10 Pro lets you install up to 2TB of system memory to your system. The Windows 10 Home allows up to 128GB.

You’ll ask why would you ever need 2TB of RAM, but here’s the thing. If you like doing hardware virtualizations, you want as much memory as possible.

Cloud virtualization and hybrid cloud computing are some of the things that can use this. 3D renderers would also love to have something like this in high-performance environments.

2. Remote Desktop Is Life

Are you the family’s go-to IT guy? Or are you supporting remote sites for your managed IT business? When it comes to Windows 10 Pro vs Windows 10 home, there’s nothing that can beat Remote Desktop.

Remote Desktop is available only for the Pro version of Windows. It’s one of the best built-in Windows tools out there due to its usefulness. It allows IT admins to access computers within the local domain.

If you’re managing workstations, Remote Desktop is one of the best Windows 10 Pro features you’d want. It saves you the hassle of going to physical sites, so that’s less time and energy spent on going around.

3. Client Hyper V

Is Windows 10 Pro worth it? This is the biggest reason why it’s worth the extra money. Hyper V is available for the Pro, and this feature makes the entire thing worth the extra dollars.

Virtualization is the emulation of resources so you can test software platforms. Hyper V is usable for hardware and hybrid virtualization in data centers. Since you can create a copy of a virtual machine on Pro versions, you can test any hardware or software configuration of your choice.

Hyper V is crucial in many office environments. Stability and reliability is the top concern for businesses. Being able to test installations and loadouts help determine the right choices.

When you ask yourself “Do I need Windows 10 Pro”, the answer is a yes because of virtualization. Instead of spending time on the restrictive Mac OS or time-consuming Linux distros, virtualize them instead.

4. Domain Join For Business

When choosing Windows 10 vs Windows 10 Pro, you need to ask yourself about your purpose. Are you planning to use it for business? If you do, Pro is the right choice.

Only the Pro Version of Windows has Domain Join, which lets it join a local domain. This local domain is crucial in business, where many devices connect in a network. These allow for user policies to control all the workstations in your business.

When it comes to business, granular control is crucial in assigning roles to your team. This is one of the Windows 10 Pro features that you want to improve user productivity.

5. BitLocker Encryption

If you’re a home user who’s on the fence between a Windows 10 Pro vs Windows 10 Home, BitLocker will convince you. This is the app that answers the question “Is Windows 10 Pro worth it?”

BitLocker is Microsoft’s encryption software. It can protect USB keys and external drives to add an extra layer of data security to your information. This is extra handy if you have sensitive data that you need to prevent people from getting.

With BitLocker, all you need is a password, and your data’s encryption will be robust.

6. Get Updates for Business

When it comes to Windows 10 Pro features, one of the things we love the most are the Updates for Business. While home systems will get their security patches and system support, Windows 10 Pro can install updates better and earlier.

If you’re not hearing good things about the new security updates, only the Pro version can defer from the updates. With the October update becoming one of the prime issues of Windows patches, this will be a welcome feature.

Imagine losing data over a bad firmware update. If you’re a business, this makes the Pro version worth the extra dollars.

7. Use Windows Sandbox

Another new thing to consider when it comes to Windows 10 vs Windows 10 Pro is the new Sandbox. Windows Sandbox is a quick way to test systems. You don’t even need test licenses for it!

Sandbox lets you test apps and browse websites in a controlled environment. It’s a bit short of a Client Hyper-V, but it’s well above the Windows Defender Application Guard.

This gives you another layer of security you can use.

8. More Business Capabilities

Many of the miscellaneous Windows 10 Pro features are there for business owners. Besides the Domain Join capability, other sub-features make business use for it better.

There are Group Policy management systems in Win 10 Pro. These give better granular control on what can and can’t happen in the workstation. There’s also Enterprise Mode Internet Explorer for legacy systems that need IE.

You can also set Assigned Access if you want to dedicate your Windows station for a specific role.

The Windows 10 Pro Price Is Worth It

Whether you plan on using it at home or at business, going Pro is worth it. Even if you upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro. The Windows 10 Pro price is a fair tag for everyday use at home or at your office.

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is windows 10 pro worth it
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