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How to download and activate Office 2016 for Mac?

office 2016 for mac

Our price for Office 2016 is only $23.80. After the purchase, you will receive an e-mail with your product key and easily understood step-by-step instructions for activating the product. What we offer is an official full-version software, secure payment options, refund guarantee and after sales technical support.

If you don’t already have Microsoft Office 2016, you should consider buying it. (You can directly purchase and activate using this link.)It is the last update that Office had since 2011 for Mac users, and the difference is huge. Office 2016 looks like it was specially designed for Mac users, which can make Windows users feel a bit envious. From the Retina display which gives you stunning high-resolution documents, thousands of professionally designed online templates for your business, to already well-known multi-touch gesture, you have it all.

Microsoft Office 2016 also includes well known but enhanced features like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Besides basic options which Word has, it also has Design tab which makes your documents look great, Insight pane, powered by Bing, which offers relevant information from the web and sharing options which allow you to have several people working on the same document to make things faster and better.

When it comes to Excel, 2016 Office version also offers recommended charts chosen according to your data, PivotTable Slicer which helps you discover patterns easily and Analysis Toolpack an add-on which performs complex engineering or statistical analysis.

PowerPoint has also two enhanced features. One of them is Threaded comments which allow you to have a conversation or leave comments right next to the text from the presentation, and the other one is Theme variants which helps you create an even better-looking presentation.

Two new things that Office 2016 is offering, when compared to its old version from 2011 are OneNote and Outlook.

OneNote is like having a digital notebook. You can write thoughts, format them in any way you want, organize them in order to keep track of them easier, tag your notes – set a reminder either to ask some questions, or make a to-do list, and share your notes. This last feature will make your planning or brainstorming much easier.

When it comes to Outlook, it has five elements: mail, calendar, people, tasks and notes, and the navigations between them is very easy. Push mail ensures that your inbox is always up to date. The online archive offers you to move important emails from your inbox to an online folder and store them all in one place. You can also set up a meeting with a feature called Propose new time, see multiple calendars in parallel, or take a look at the forecast right in your calendar view. Lastly, everything can be in sync labeled with different categories, names, and colors.

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