Improve Your Office Skills with these 9 Tips and Tricks.

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There are 1.2 billion Microsoft Office users worldwide. And the popular software can boost a company or individual’s productivity on a massive scale. But it’s not always easy to know how to get the most out of Microsoft Office or Microsoft Virtual Academy. We’re here to help to improve your Office skills. We’ve picked out nine tips and tricks to boost every individual’s Microsoft Office skills.

What Makes up Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office is a package of Microsoft products that are built for business, writing, and presentations. Here are some of the most popular programs in the package:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint

But there are multiple versions of the program that include some big differences. Some of the most popular versions include Microsoft Office 2016 and Office 365. Still, they tend to include the same set of software products.

Each platform offers a different advantage and service. And you can take advantage of things like the Microsoft Virtual Academy to improve your Office skills or credentials. That means things like a Microsoft Office certification or an Excel certification.

Getting Ahead with Microsoft Office Academy

This online resource is an online learning platform. It can be a solid resource for anyone who wants to boost Microsoft Office productivity.

It’s set up to help developers, IT pros, and data professionals excel in all kinds of Microsoft platforms. And that means in-depth learning about things like cloud databases and getting a Microsoft Office edge.

But daily users of Microsoft Office don’t have to be IT experts to get the most out of this popular software system.

Looking for a quick set of Microsoft Office hacks?

Look no further. We’ve put together a set of the top Microsoft Office helpers. Here are 9 useful tips and tricks to improve your Office skills:

1. Memorize the Easy Commands

Quick key commands can save time and the headache of extra clicking or scrolling. And remembering some of the most used keyboard shortcuts in Word can make a big difference on large writing projects.

These include things like Ctrl + C to copy, Ctrl + V to paste, and Ctrl + x to cut. And there are online resources that list out even more useful commands to boost productivity.

2. Take Advantage of Smart Searches

Research and writing go hand-in-hand. And Word lets users maximize research while writing.

If a user right clicks on a word and selects “Smart Lookup”, they can quickly browse the web without opening a new browser window. This lesser-known function can quickly open up writers to a deep knowledge base.

And there are more ways to search through documents without going over every word. Users can select Ctrl + F to find any word in a sample. There’s also a lesser-known option in the “Find” menu that lets a user find and replace every instance of a word.

3. Take Control with Conditional Formatting

This is an often overlooked feature in Excel that can make creating organized spreadsheets easy. By selecting the “New Rule” section, users can adjust formatting to fit their style and need.

That also means they can assign color schemes to values or other categories. This can keep an individual or team organized and kick up efficiency.

4. Embed Fonts in PowerPoint

Custom fonts in PowerPoint can drive visual engagement in a presentation. But when a user switches from one system to another, it can screw up formatting.

To solve the problem, users can embed fonts before saving.


Go to the “Save” section and check a box at the bottom that says “Embed fonts in the file.”

This quick hack can keep a presentation consistent. And it helps users avoid unpleasant surprises when they switch between systems.

5. Make Slides from Outlines

Grabbing slides from an outline can be a great resource for students or anyone wanting easy notes. This PowerPoint feature lets users pull outlines from other programs and add them to presentations.

First, it’s a good idea to separate main slides by using different heading styles in Word. From there, open Powerpoint. Go to “Home”, “New Slides”, and pick “Slides from and Outline.”

This lets the user pull info from documents and add it to a presentation.

6. Access Quick Reference Guides

Wouldn’t it be nice to look up cheat sheets from Microsoft? It’s possible with the program’s reference guides.

Microsoft Office 2016 provides quick reference guides that are online and in PDF form. That means users can become experts as they’re working on projects.

7. Get Rid of Unwanted Formatting

Inconsistent formatting can wreck the visual appeal of projects. And messed up formatting can slow down workflow.

A quick and easy way to fix formatting is to push Ctrl + Space. Users can also select the “Clear All Formatting” button. This will pull the strange formatting from whatever text is highlighted.

That means users can avoid a messy look and avoid annoying spacing or font inconsistencies.

8. Pin Down Keyboard Sequencing

Many people are aware of keyboard shortcuts, but PowerPoint also has valuable keyboard sequences. These are commands that require the user to press two buttons at the same time and add a third keystroke.

Users can benefit from online resources that outline the most popular keyboard sequences. And they’re a good way to complete full projects without having to stop and look up where to find a function.

9. Minimize Eye Strain

Anyone who has worked on projects for long periods of time knows how hard it can be on the eyes. A good solution is to take advantage of the zoom function in Word.

It’s located in the “Window” tab and lets the user pick how large or small words appear on the screen.

Another option is to use the tab slider at the bottom right of the document. This tool lets users adjust the document size and preview its look at the same time.

Becoming an Office Expert

These tips and tricks should help to improve your Office skills and they can set you up for success through programs like the Microsoft Virtual Academy.

But it’s not always easy to know where to grab the latest and top-rated Office resources. We can help. Check out our Office Licenses section here to browse through some of the top Microsoft Office products for professionals.

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