6 Windows 10 Pro Features Worth Upgrading For

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Windows 10 is steadily growing in popularity with 34.92 percent of all PC users currently using this operating system. While this is true, what some people may not realize is that there are two Windows 10 programs available – Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro.

As you may have guessed, Windows 10 Pro offers a wide array of features, quite a few more than Windows Home. However, because it also comes with a higher price tag, some people have just settled for a more affordable option.

The fact is though, the features of Windows 10 pro features make it well worth the investment. Keep reading to learn about some of the most exciting features that make the change worthwhile, here.

Keep in mind, having the right version of your operating system can make a huge difference in what you can do, and your productivity. In most cases, the more features, the better.

1. BitLocker

This is a unique encryption software allowing security-conscious users to secure their devices from potential hackers. With the Pro version of Windows 10, there are some beneficial adjustments that have been made.

With BitLocker before the change offered in Pro, end users faced a decision of “all or nothing” for the PC’s drive to be encrypted. That did not offer much flexibility, and now these issues are fixed.

The new, updated version of BitLocker in Windows 10 Pro allows end users to encrypt their individual files, all while keeping them next to unencrypted ones. Also, they can now be used the same way that USB sticks are, improving the way files are shared between those with the proper clearance to access them.

2. Remote Desktop Connection

Both Windows 10 Home and Pro machines can use the Remote Desktop Connections. This allows the “master” machine to control all the slave machines along with all the resources it has. When this is done, the display on the slave devices is rendered blank.

However, only the Pro version of Windows 10 is able to be remotely controlled.

The Home machines can utilize remote assistance. This means the “master” machine controls the “slave” machine and the slave display will mirror the master display.

The purpose of remote assistance is education. It allows remote technicians to show you how to adjust your graphics settings simply by moving your mouse.

3. Updates

With the Pro option, you have the choice to defer updates. This isn’t something that even exists in the Home version.

If you have Windows 10 Home, then Microsoft is going to force updates and patches to your machine automatically. While you can stop/delay them for a few hours, that’s it. This is true even for the latest Creators Update.

The ability for Pro users to defer is designed to help prevent buggy updates from affecting a business PC. With Pro, you can postpone the updates for several months.

By delaying the updates, you can feel confident that you aren’t going to experience issues. After all, by the time a few months have passed, the developers will have worked out any problems that may have been there.

4. Hyper-V

Another benefit of Windows 10 Pro is virtualization. While this is an update that’s available, there aren’t too many people who actively use it (but they should).

It’s essentially like having a built-in VirtualBox. The main reason people haven’t been using this update is that they still have to install the Hyper-V manually.

While this is true, it’s well worth it as this is a pretty innovative feature that’s now available for Pro users. Keep in mind, you have to have a PC that is virtualization capable to take advantage of this feature.

5. Pro for Workstations

Microsoft is continually searching for ways to improve business users experience. The workstation feature is designed for higher-end machines and offers unique support for server-grade PC hardware.

It’s designed to meet the demands of compute-intensive workloads and mission-critical operations. Some of the features offered by this include expanded hardware support, faster file sharing, persistent memory, and a resilient file system.

6. Domain and Other Business Features

Two more features reserved for Windows 10 Pro users include access to the Windows 10 Business Store and Group Policy Management. Additionally, Microsoft as listed the ability for Pro users to joint the Azure Active Directory, offering a single sign-in for cloud-hosted apps.

Pro provides support to create or join a domain. This means PCs are able to be added to the corporate network. If you have Home, this isn’t an option, and instead, you are pushed to use a Microsoft account, instead of a local server account.

As a result, any PC or laptop you plan to use at work for accessing files on servers will also have to be running the Pro version of Windows 10.

Windows 10 Pro vs. Windows 10 Home: Which One’s Right for You?

For many users, Windows 10 Home is sufficient. This is especially true if all you plan to do is browse the web, do a bit of work, and manage your media files.

However, if you want an option that is focused on compatibility and security, then Windows 10 Pro is obviously the better option. Keep in mind though, the actual value of the features is going to depend on whether or not you actually use them.

If you are ready to purchase Windows 10, we have the information and product keys you need. Be sure to learn more about installing Windows 10 by reading our blog.

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